Nature in the City of Salzburg

© Tourismus Salzburg

© Tourismus Salzburg

© Tourismus Salzburg

© Tourismus Salzburg

Salzburg is an enchanting location with mountains and hills, gardens and parks, all within the city. Very few other destinations can offer a mountain climb just a few minutes’ walk from the town centre. Those who prefer flat terrain and wish to relax in the shade of the leafy trees can enjoy one of the expansively landscaped parks in Salzburg such as the Mirabell Garden or Schlosspark Hellbrunn.

Salzburg – green and pleasant

The city of Salzburg is embedded among five peaks: The Untersberg, Mönchsberg, Kapuzinerberg, Nonnberg and Gaisberg. There is also plenty of nature to marvel at when gazing up at the throne of the castle, Fortress Hohensalzburg, on Mönchsberg Mountain. A stroll up onto the hill or a pleasant ride up in the mountain train lift affords a magnificent view across the city and the surrounding countryside.

There are also numerous green spaces, gardens and parks that make Salzburg a truly charming and pleasant place to live. The ‘Salzach Promenade’ provides a wonderful backdrop for strolls and contemplation. It’s no surprise that numerous residents of the city picnic along the banks of the River Salzach as they enjoy the sun by the riverside.

Find out more about why Salzburg is a great place to live and see for yourself how urban and natural environments combine so harmoniously.

More information on the “Cycling” theme:

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